Most people think “recycled paper” when they think about printing in a socially responsible way. Using paper with recycled content can definitely make an impact on the environment.


The impact of using paper with recycled content


But, your paper choice is not your only option for showing your commitment to the planet. If you cannot make the leap to paper with recycled content for your next mailing, there are other choices you can make that have a positive impact as well.



Use FSC®Certified papers and printers

When you work with an FSC-Certified printer, you can be sure that the paper and printing practices are following sustainable forestry practices. How does that differ from paper with recycled content? FSC® Certified paper does not always use recycled content, but the paper is sourced from paper mills that practice sustainable forestry.


Segment your mailings.

Spend more time segmenting your mailing list so that your mailing is more targeted.

Rather than mail one version of a letter to 20,000 people, choose a subset of that group and write a letter that is specific to them. You are more likely to get a better response if the message is more personalized, and you will save paper by sending fewer letters. You will save more trees by printing fewer letters than you will by using paper with recycled content.


Make your mailings multi-channel campaigns.

For every piece of direct mail you send, be sure to increase the paper’s impact by using other communication channels to reinforce its message.

When you integrate email, social media, the Google Ad Network, newsletters and web communications with your direct mail piece, you will see an increased response. This means you reach your goal with fewer pieces of paper!


Update your database.

A lot of paper and energy is wasted when you mail to an outdated mail list. It takes time and patience to keep your mail list clean and updated, but it’s one way that you can reduce waste and conserve energy.


Test and track results.

Understanding what works with your audience means that you can plan future campaigns that get an increased response. Getting a better response means that you will reach your goal faster, requiring fewer pieces mailed and fewer resources consumed.  Testing and tracking results is not easy. But, it is one way that you can be socially responsible with your resources. 


We can help.

Why would a printer encourage you to print less? The Badger Group believes that sustainable, responsible printing is important for a healthy community and a healthy planet. We continue to expand our services to gain expertise in areas that make printing more powerful and more responsible, even if that means less of it.

  • We can help you with digital integration to power your multi-channel campaigns.
  • We can help you clean your data to reduce waste when mailing.
  • We can help you with tracking your response and analyzing your data to give insights for future campaigns.

We whole-heartedly believe that you can meet your goals faster while also caring for the environment when you adopt socially responsible practices in your direct mail marketing.

Contact us to talk about your next direct mail campaign!


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